The silver lining of introversion

Since I can remember I have experienced a great sense of joy when reflecting, philosophizing and daydreaming: basically “having my head in the clouds”. In this potentially wonderful haven, where nobody can make demands on you and with absolutely no pressure or limits; you are the sole King/Queen of your world! In the beginning or at certain times it may not always be a haven though; at worst more like the opposite. But perhaps the fact that you as an introvert are inclined to and even need to turn inward often, means that if what’s inside (thoughts and feelings) is unhealthy or negative; you’ll naturally need to explore and eventually heal this inner realm, to make it a pleasant place to be. 

For such a long time I was ashamed of this tendency; like I was the only one in the whole world who preferred to be “lost” in reflections inside while being quiet on the outside. Perhaps I was just a silly and naïve dreamer escaping from “the real world” and its challenges and demands? Why couldn’t I just take an interest in normal, practical and down-to-earth matters, like most people seemed to enjoy? Instead of these intangible realms of depth, where I liked to linger. And to be so self-absorbed most of the time, that’s rather egotistical, isn’t it?

As I have matured and gained more awareness and self-acceptance, I now see things in a different light, this preference leads to some big gift for us introverts to bring to the table. There are several silver linings: creative ideas, artistic expressions, musings and insights regarding the state of both the inner and outer world, as well as the ability and willingness to dig deep into our souls in search of underlying causes for personal issues: to get to the heart of the matter which is also where answers or lasting solutions can be found.

Our personal stories and problems + the specific solutions and personal healing we’ve made along the way, are of course very subjective; but the insights gained and the means we used to get there, are not. More like universal applicable, I think. So definitely YES; we should stop being ashamed of our natural tendencies, and begin to share whatever “gold” we have extracted through life, no doubt about it! When we’ve processed the issues thoroughly and are ready to share it, of course.

And important too: there is absolutely no reason for sharing your hard-earned wisdom with those unable to recognize its value: to use a lot of time and energy, endlessly trying to help someone (by shedding some light on their problems, since you see through to the underlying cause), without it ever really having any effect, but causing you to feel increasingly drained. It is such a waste of energy… Instead, find the right outlet and recipients; people of a similar disposition who appreciate and see the value in your approach. Find those places, where your golden “harvest” of insights will be received in the spirit, it’s offered.

Here, is where your gifts are truly going to be helpful!

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