Why it’s important to share.

 So, this is my very first post as a blogger!

Writing a blog is something I’ve been wanting to do for years since I naturally reflect deeply and love writing as a means to get to the heart of the matter. But as a highly sensitive introvert and a cautious and somewhat self-doubting person (as well as the Queen of procrastination..) I’ve been postponing it for a long time. But here goes and what better way to start than to sum up some personal pros and cons for becoming visible; why the pros outweigh the cons and I now put my particular view on things “out in the world” – if even in the smallest way.

Being highly sensitive/introverted has meant (at least to me) getting increasingly aware of what possible consequences any given action could have for you. And since you often have had bad experiences in the past with something turning out to be much more draining than anticipated; you naturally start using your brain’s ability to be aware of subtleties/aspects, to predict possible negative outcomes in the future. And you can always find some! All with the positive intention of protecting your limited energy, but as you will eventually realize, you are soon living in a kind of prison of your own making.

As for starting a blog + Facebook page: everybody seems to be doing it these days – it’s no big deal. Still, my mind is immediately trying to predict and come up with answers/solutions to all kinds of scenarios that might occur (but probably won’t). I prefer and even need, to feel as free and uninterrupted as possible so I can get things done at my own pace and be able to follow inspirations to create. And although I realize that the feeling of pressure almost entirely comes from myself, still the prospect of other people (potential with certain expectations) will read my blog is rather scary; even if I am very passionate about this topic.

Besides this, I am a total novice in the social media “arena”. It seems a complicated world to encounter, with aspects of marketing and “hunting” for likes/attention: something my reclusive and artistic nature doesn’t like at all. So, why not just stay in my own little world, safe hide-away and comfort-zone? The short and succinct answer is: I feel a calling to join the voices of the growing community of sensitive/introverts emerging online.

Who better than one who has struggled (and still sometimes does) with coming to terms with, accepting and finally loving her true self, to share some personal insights and hopefully at the same time encourage and support other like-minded and like-hearted people with similar issues about who they are and where they fit in the world. I am no expert on high sensitivity or introversion but know all about how having these traits, feels like from the inside.

As a bonus, I am likely to grow in the process and most importantly: if just one person feels a little better about themselves after stumbling upon my blog, I’ll be happy.

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