Art takes time, faith and heart

Today’s bulky refuse day on my street and looking for stuff to thrash or recycle, I came across an almost 10 years old, unfinished painting: precursor of the illustration I drew for my book cover.

It reminded me of what a long-term project it in truth has been; the amount of time, thoughts and tears put into it…

Writing novels, making music or doing any kind of creative work and genuine artistic expressions is often impossible to put on a hard-and-fast time-schedule, isn’t it? Creating art simply takes the time it takes…at least, that’s how it is for me. That’s also why it takes so much courage, faith and perseverance to see your projects through. Especially since society at large rarely encourages creativity beyond hobby-level.

Tooting our/my own horn for once, I often think we artistically inclined folks, typically being so sensitive on top, must be among the bravest of all!

I didn’t trash the painting, I’ll probably recycle by painting a new one over it:)

P.S. Found the loveliest little book on wildflowers in a second-hand shop a few weeks ago. A bargain of 25 kroner (4 dollars). Already, a cherished find<3

Some of my favorites: honeysuckle and scabious:)
and wild roses, of course…
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