Weaving things together

I’m weaving the storyline of my novel together these days.

It is really starting to take shape and has some of my illustrations throughout:15 to 20, I think; some old and some new. It’s written in English since it somehow feels easier for me to express certain things in English. The title is: “What’s the Matter with Maria?” and this summer, I’ve drawn what I think might end up as the cover, too.

The novel is growing into a sentimental children’s book with a hint of magical realism but it’s also a timeless novel, parable, heroine’s journey – some mixture of those genres. The primary audience is probably highly sensitive, introverted children and their parents but also highly sensitive adults and perhaps INFP/INFJ in Myers Brigg personality type test. Overall: the sensitive inner child.

It has been a fun endeavor, although with much editing along the way!

I’ve drawn inspiration from a myriad of sources: e.g. personal experiences, insights and dreams. The story is also somewhat inspired by my childhood environment, the setting and the mentality in that place. It’s a slightly dramatized conglomeration of lots of things, altered and weaved together.

I may be rather slow, but that’s okay. The process feels fulfilling and satisfying, and I’m, so far, pleased with where the story is heading. In writing this, I finally see things falling into place. Writing fiction feels so natural for me. I hope I’ll be able to get it out into the world someday, and if so; that someone will benefit from its message.

It’s funny how characters start to live a life of their own inside you. Perhaps they were in there beforehand; eager for me to flesh them out on paper!

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