Flowers in winter

On a walk on the gravel path along the fjord the other day, I came across some bright yellow ”flowers”, that caught my attention. The first one looked like a season-confused narcissus daffodil or something, but it turned out to be a kind of fluffy fungus!

The other one was the unstoppable dandelion. Even in December and after a few frosty nights, dandelions will evidently keep blossoming in spots with moist soil and sufficient amounts of warmth and sunlight: there’s something incredibly life-affirming about it, right?

On a similar note: here is another excerpt from my almost finished novel ”What’s the matter with Maria?”:

”Scattered across the lawn are lots of yellow dandelion flowers. Dad calls them weeds. Weeds are useless plants, taking up space for vegetables, more useful greenery or prettier flowers. Weeds have to be removed, he explains. But Maria finds dandelions to look like small beaming suns amidst all the green. They grow stubbornly everywhere: a sure sign that spring has arrived.”

P.S. Unfortunately, the editing process is taking a little more time than anticipated, but I still expect to publish within a few months…

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