About proper placement

I was hit by a sudden insight today.

You see; I’ve got a couple of pretty plants in my kitchen windows, this summer. I don’t know their name, but they have grown big and a bit lanky in all directions, but also very delicate with “clouds” of pale pink flowers. Benefiting from a lot of direct sunlight and summer warmth (as well as my daily watering efforts) in their south placed and sun-faced spot on the windowsill., thriving immensely where they are.

So, this morning I sat drinking my quiet morning tea by the kitchen table when I suddenly noticed this shadowy and neglected corner in my kitchen; right on top of the freezer. Hmm..I thought; “wouldn’t it brighten that place up a lot, if I just put one of these pretty blossoming plants up there?”

Nope, that is not a good idea, of course! By now I don’t have to think about such foolish ideas for long. Having already killed my share of innocent plants so far 

Well; I could, of course, choose to do that and then it would brighten the spot up for perhaps a week.
-Then the plant would most certainly just wither away very quickly from not getting its needs met.
Poor plant!

It is a bit similar to (sensitive) people. We are kind of like delicate flowers. Put us in our specific, proper place with the right conditions, tender care and nourishment and watch us grow, thrive and flourish; continuously blossoming and brightening up the world. Perhaps even grow a bit lanky in all directions…

Or put us in dark and neglected places lacking a gentle, delicate touch, or perhaps in rough, unappreciative places in need of a quick fix. And watch us blossom shortly, then wither away…

The thing is: as a child you don’t have any say over where you are being placed or where you are being told you will fit in or be of “best use”. But when you are an adult, you actually hold it in your own hands where you choose to place yourself. Or remove yourself from..

Don’t let old habits keep you forever in dark places!

This pretty plant stays put in my kitchen window.

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